Apr 19, 2024

Make Relocation Plan with These Effective Tips

Strategizing move with effective solutions is necessary to achieve your relocation target. You should have to consult with movers ‘professional to define your move goals. The Packers and Movers Chennai can help you to plan your household shifting with effective relocation solution. To make your move journey stress- free ; consult with movers’ specialists a month before and then book services for your move plan. 

This blog underlines the smart approach to execute your move plan with relocation services. You will also learn about the common tactics, one need to consider while planning shifting with movers’ experts. Create the framework for your move preparations to fulfill your move requisites. 

Effective Strategy to Make Move Plan: 

(i) Research: Make surveys of the company providing relocation services and select a few to place query and get move quote. You should also read the reviews of their services to find the apt one to define your move goals. You can search for the business listing website to find the variety of relocation services offered by the moving solution provider. 

(ii) New House Search: You can select a business listing website to search for new house and even take suggestion from friends and family to find the suitable service provider so that you can find new home for your resettlement purpose. Check the facilities at new house, functionality of installed tools, floor slope, and outer area. 

(iii) Explore the Nearby areas: You should check for the available shops, marts, chemist, restaurants, hospital and several other facilities available near to the new place. You can also measure the route to the office for regular travel purpose. Download relevant phone application for managing online orders and receive goods at your new abode. 

(iv) Cleaning of Present Abode:  You need to make timeline to clean the specific household items and house space before the move date.  Schedule your days to consider cleaning of your belongings. You have to list the household items to find the essential and non-essential household. 

(a) Rooms: Clean your appliances, gadgets and place only necessary items outside. Party wear, soft- furnishing items must be organized in foldable stacks or suitable organizers or bags. You need to keep household storages empty to help packers to pack goods efficiently. 

(b) Kitchen: Keep the loose items in zip-lock bag, air- tight containers. Purchase canned or preserved food to satiate your food cravings or eat healthy snacks while travelling or during the relocation and resettlement process. 

(c) Balcony: You should install the self- watering techniques in planters to keep the soil moisture and grow even during transit period or process. Add manure to fertilize the soil. Shift the small plants to large containers and pack the soil. Keep all the tools wrapped in a sack. 

(v) Decluttering: Arrange all the household belongings and categorize the different household objects for donation, selling, repairing and to exchange. The utensils to exchange or repair along with appliances, gadgets and electronics can be considered to take this service before the move. You can also sell old notes to junk collector or donate old books to institute.

(vi) Organizing Your Household: You have to arrange all of your belongings in suitable organizers. Purchase the packing bags to keep the small items, prepare your travel bags and organize other household to make arrangements for the packers and movers to secure your belongings and pack it efficiently.

(vii) Move Budget: List all the requirements to fulfill relocation requisites. Pay the pending bills, purchase packing materials (bags), cleaning essentials, keep stock of groceries items. You have to keep records of the expenses to meet and have balance to make the move budget. 

(a) Relocation Budget: You can book on-site evaluation service to get your pre- move estimate. This can help you get idea about the amount to pay for your relocation and resettlement purpose. Select a payment mode for paying relocation amount or other related expenses to meet. 

(b) Monthly Budget: Keep stock of atleast two months in advance to manage work- life balance at new place. You should also list the expenses to cover in the month of relocation. Cut down the additional expenses to have sufficient budget to manage the entire move and have some balance to settle work- life balance in the new city or new house. 

(viii) Address Update: You need to consider some paper work for maintaining records of your academic qualifications, ration card, Aadhar. For this, your need to update the address change for verification purpose. It usually takes two to three weeks to update the address change. You should consider updating the details atleast two months before to make relocation process easy and complete all other documentation process effortless. 

(ix) Utilities Transfer/ Cancellation: The utilities connection services that can be transferred from present place to new house can be considered for resettlement at new house. Consult with service provider to learn about the transfer or cancellation of these services. You can also ask for the refund amount to receive on advance payment of taken services. 

(x) Hire Relocation Experts: You have to make research about the relocation services. And select a few companies to find the suitable relocation services for your move purpose. You can also consider comparing their services and price to select the best one for your move purpose. 

(xi) Get Customized Solutions:  You can consider taking multiple services or choosing the relocation services that offer variety of moving solutions for your household purpose. You can customize the relocation services to meet your move demands. 


To make your move plan; you can consult with packers and movers Chennai to make your relocation plan. Strategize you move goals with expert solutions and achieve your move target at cost- effective and time- efficient solution. 

Top Valued Tips for Your Relocation

Planning your move in advance can resolve several problems that you might face while resettlement at new place. Relocation can be exhausting.  You should plan your move with packers and movers Bangalore either for your local shifting or domestic shifting. To make your relocation plan and streamline your shifting process; committing to relocation responsibilities can make your move easy. 

This blog highlights the importance of making preparations to execute the move plan and achieve your move goals for relocation and resettlement purpose. 

Streamline Your Relocation Goals

(i) Research: It is most important aspect to manage the shifting and to book the reliable and quality moving solutions. Make research about the available relocation services to compare the rates and services to opt for the right one. 

(ii) Prepare Listicles: The number of total household to carry at new place can be categorized to find the right relocation services. You can consider making a draft of your household items to organize it for packing purpose. You can also list the number of tasks to complete before the move such as, address update for verification purpose, budget to set for your move and several other tasks to oblige to before the move. 

(iii) Consider House Cleaning:  Schedule your household cleaning and also clean the space and try to organize household to identify the necessary and unnecessary household. You can collect the cleaning essentials and manage cleaning activities of each compartments of house. You should also clean and organize your balcony and planters to keep them fresh for your move purpose. Install the self- watering tools to keep required water- content in the planters. 

(iv) Decluttering: You need to categorize the unnecessary items into objects to discard, donate, sell, repair and exchange. You should have to arrange the old school notes to donate, utensils or clothes to exchange, old plastic to sell and appliances and electronics to repair can be consider for before the move. 

(v) Utilities Transfer: Pay the pending bills and consult with service provider to learn about the process to follow for transfer or cancellation of services. How to receive the refund amount of advance payment. You can also list the services to take at the new place for your resettlement. 

(vi) Update Address Change: You need to change address details on your Government issued ID for future verification process. You should update the new address on your phone application to track the order and receive on right address. 

(vii) Documentation: You should arrange the folder with relevant or important documents to keep such as, academic certificates, bank documents, utilities bills and several other important receipts, warranty cards. 

(viii) Travel Arrangements: You need to pack clothes, first-aid kit, and self- care kit for your move purpose. You should learn about the packing tactics to keep your essentials with you for your trip and until the relocation and resettlement done. 

(ix) Budget:  You budget is only factor that can help you to manage your relocation and resettlement. You should identify the number of expenses to meet for your move purpose. Packing bags, containers and organizers to purchase, bills to pay and services to take can be consider for calculating the move. 

(a) Relocation and Resettlement Budget: Consult with movers’ professionals to get your move quote and balance your budget accordingly. The rates of connection of appliances vary from state to state or based on local charges. After consultation, you will have idea about the amount to keep safe for your move purpose. 

(b) Monthly Budget: Have stock of groceries. You should have canned or preserved foods for managing the relocation and resettlement purpose to keep some ready to made food within minutes to manage other activities or other tasks. You should also opt for the suitable source to make payment and have records of the same to calculate later. 

Tips to Consider While Hiring Relocation Experts 

(i) Hire Professional Services: You should visit the official website of selected relocation company. Place query to get idea about your move quote. Select the quality and reliable relocation solution offered by company. Compare the price of services offered for your move purpose and to define your move journey with cost- effective moving solutions. 

(ii) Customized Solutions: You can consider different relocation services such as, pet, plant, and vehicle relocation services to customize your move solutions. Opt for the service provider that offer various relocation services so that you should search for other services and manage different relocation contract in last- minute. 

(iii) On-site Supervision: You should book an appointment with movers’ experts for your move plan to make. The movers’ professional will estimate the move cost to help you define your move plan under a budget. There are various factors plays a crucial role in estimating the move cost. 

(iv) Cost- Effective Solution: You should have to evaluate whether the services are suitable for your move budget or not. Hiring professional services might be a bit costly but it is worthy to receive your expensive goods intact at new place. 

(v) Systematic Approach:  From the packing, labeling, loading, transiting, unloading and unpacking is considered  for assisting you with quality work and experienced manpower to secure your belongings with safety and deliver to destination. The mover’ supervisor handle all these tasks to efficiently manage your move. 

(vi) Risk- Coverage Facility: This facility is offered to help clients to receive compensatory amount on damage or loss. You can also take insurance facility to secure your expensive goods and to address the issue regarding the repair or to get reimbursement. 


Relocation services can be best to take for your move purpose. Planning effectively to manage the entire move task can be easy with best packers and movers Bangalore to achieve your move goals. Choose brand relocation services to manage your move shifting. You will get all suitable or required moving solutions for your household shifting. 

Mastering the Art of Efficient Packing: A Complete Guide

 Move plan comprises of millions of tasks to complete before the final date to make move. Scheduling the relocation task can resolve many things. The Packers and Movers Bangalore can help you make efficient move plan with them for your household shifting. Finding the apt relocation services can resolve problems related to safe packing and transit of goods to receive the parcel on time. You can consider planning the shifting with experts to resettle at new place. 

This blog highlights the importance of covering all the requisites to fulfill for your move purpose. You can consider these tips to achieve your move goals. 

Make Move Plan with These Tips 

(i) Durable Goods:  Categorize the household goods present at your house. List all the storages to keep at self- storage and for shifting to new house. You should categorize your valuables to have details of durable goods. Spend some time to make a rough draft of your household valuables. 

(a) Electronics: You have to list all the gadgets and household electronics for repairing purpose and improving its function for better performance. You should also clean them with suitable cleaning methods and organizing them to pack. By cleanings the goods gadgets performance can be improved. 

(b) Appliances: Check the warranty period or extend its date by paying some additional fee. You should also check for its proper functioning to take service for your appliances to transfer to the new house. You should also list them to have details and scan the cards and secure them for future purpose. 

(c) Furniture: You should check whether your modular storages and other furniture require repair to make it look same as it was before or at the time of purchase. You need to keep the storage items in the foldable stacks or bags for packing purpose. The packing team will disassemble the goods for safe transit to the destination. 

(ii) Clothes:  You need to arrange all your clothes after washing and drying them. Do not consider washing clothes at last day as packing takes time. You need proper planning and complete organizing household before the arrival of packers and movers. 

(a) Soft- Furnishing Items: Wash curtains and covers or other decorative clothes at home to make resettlement arrangement at new house. Schedule a day for different set of clothes to clean before the move. You can utilize fabric softener to clean the sofa, mattresses, quilt , rugs and table and other cleaning clothes.                                                                                                                                  

(b) Casual Clothes: You should keep your casual and formal clothes of office separate. Iron them and arrange them in order in ready to wear condition for rejoining or joining new office at new home. You should also keep pair of clothes for daily wear and pack some pair for travel purpose while relocation and resettlement process. 

(c) Party Wear: You should also keep expensive clothes with proper packing tips depends on quality or kind of fabric for keeping it safe. You can also search for the authentic website to rent these clothes and earn some specific amount of money. 

(iii) Kitchen: There are different set of cutleries, utensils, dishes and other groceries item. You can arrange and organize them to pack it in the zip- lock bags, securing oil containers with duct tape. You should also keep canned or preserved food for managing several other arrangements for relocation and resettlement.

(a) Cutleries: You might have set of different cutleries for specific occasions or for daily use. You should wrap them and place them for making set-up at new place. 

(b) Utensils: You should keep aside some of the utensils and utilize rest of them for your daily diet purpose. The packing team will handle packing of each of these heavy, fragile and delicate items with care. 

(c) Food Storages: You should consider DIY for improving shelf- life of your pulses and grains. Have canned food and preserved food to avoid clutter. Check the expiry date on food items to utilize it before the move. You can also make some delicacy for daily consumption or to make energy bars. 

(iv) Cleaning Essentials: You should have sufficient cleaning essentials for cleaning rooms, bathroom and balcony and other compartments of your house. You can also keep fragrance candles, room freshener and other cleaning essentials for managing your household. You can also purchase set of humidifier to set up in living or your room to smell good. 

(v) Books and Documents: Your academic notes to keep and sell or donate must be considered for cleaning and decluttering to find essential and non- essential goods. You should also scan your documents, certificates and secure them in folder. You also need to update address change in your aadhar card, and other relevant document for verification purpose. Keep original ID and photocopy of the same to manage other documentation work for your move purpose. 

(vi) Plants: Your plants also require attention to keep them secure. You can install self- watering tool to keep the soil moist. You can also use coconut husk, sack for keeping water content in soil for long for managing other household work. Place small plants into large pot and store the soil to set up new garden or planters at new place. 


Relocation requires proper planning to make an efficient move. The safe transit of your goods is well managed by Agarwal Packers and Movers Bangalore. The company professional manpower can securely pack your belongings to transit to destination. The responsibility of entire relocation  tasks are planned and managed by movers’ professional to help you resettle at new place. 

Apr 18, 2024

Tips to De-clutter Home Before a Big Move

Downsizing or de-cluttering before moving to your new home is probably the most vital thing to do. It helps to reduce the overall cost of your move whether you plan a DIY or hire professional movers and packers in Chennai, you will get a huge reduction in the overall cost of your move. And not only that, when you are organized, you will have less stress and hassles during the move. The longer the distance and the more the amount of items, the greater the hassles or expenses.

But the fact is there is no point in taking all the household items to your new home because it may unnecessarily enhance the price and on the other hand, if you take all the belongings without even checking their need or working condition, you may end up creating a lot of clutter at your new home. Therefore, to avoid it, get rid of all the clutter as all the household, furniture items, etc. you have in your present home might not fit in your new home.

And in today’s post, I am going to talk about several De-cluttering tips that you must know before relocating.

Usefulness: The usefulness of the item is an essential factor in deciding whether to get rid of it when relocating it. If you need an item regularly and is still in good condition, then you should take that item with you.

But if you have something which is not used by you anymore, then you must get rid of it because it is not worth the space it is occupying at your home.

Condition: The present condition of the goods is another essential factor while de-cluttering your belongings when moving home. If the item is not in good shape, irrespective of the fact how essential it is, you will not be able to use it for long. So, why take the pain of carrying it when you can easily discard it?

Emotional value: Question yourself, if the item is precious. At times, we possess certain items that may not be very useful but may be gifted by someone special. Such valuable becomes priceless, because there are some emotions attached to such items.

The value of these articles cannot be compared with their monetary value, and they are irreplaceable because of their sentimental value, so if you possess any such articles, keep them. They should not even come into consideration when you are actually de-cluttering your home.

Monetary value: Know what the present market value of the item is as well whether you are thinking of getting rid of it or not. So, if you have something costly, you must take it with you. But, if it’s not, then it is better to get rid of it in the first place.

Multiple quantities: If you have multiple quantities of the same items, then it is best not to carry all of them along with you when moving. You can easily keep the best ones amongst them and sell the rest. There is no point in carrying the extras to your new home unless it is important to you.

Dimensions: Some items that are perfectly fit in your present home may not fit in your new home. Maybe because of the ambiance or d├ęcor of your new residence for any reason, some items may not fit in as well.

So, if you keep that article in your new home, it might look out of place, so why make the effort of carrying such items in the first place when you know that it will not be suitable for your new space? This is often the case with big furniture and therefore you might not consider carrying such items with you. Rather you can simply sell or donate it because then someone else may out that item to use in a better way than you.

Moving expenses: At times, due to the size, dimension, or weight of an article, you may have to pay more for carrying it than the actual rate of the item. Now if the item is extremely important or costly, you can always spend extra and carry that household item to your new place.

But, if there is a condition where you need to pay an extra amount and that is more than the actual cost, then do you think it would be worth carrying? No, because you can utilize that extra amount in order to buy a better item later on.

Moving complexities: If you are using a professional moving service, they will be able to pack and move all the items for you. They might charge you extra for heavy items due to the techniques and safety measures that they are going to take while moving the items. So, they will be able to load and unload items safely. But if you are relocating via a DIY, then moving such items won’t be easy for you.

Antique or special items: If any household item is unique, then never throw it away because no matter how much you search, you may not get a similar item. Such possessions are timeless and extremely valuable, and therefore should not be a part of the de-cluttering process.

Expired items: Well, needless to say, if you find that a specific item has already expired, then you should get rid of it immediately. There is no point in carrying such articles when moving to your new space.

The last words: Home relocation is associated with lots of patience because the better you plan; the easier the process becomes to relocate. And de-cluttering is undoubtedly a part of home relocation and you should take it seriously as you can make some serious profits out of it. De-cluttering when moving a house can make the process safer, feasible, and budget-friendly, and therefore, it is extremely essential to de-clutter properly and wisely when moving and relocating homes no matter if you are moving on your own or hiring an expert team of packers and movers in Chennai.

Apr 17, 2024

How to Financially Prepare for Moving to Bangalore

 Moving to another city or state can be both mentally and physically draining. But it’s not only that, one cannot ignore the financial aspects of moving to a new place too.

Whether you are relocating to a longer distance or a shorter one, you need to get your finances planned the right way. Talking about the money matters, most people are concerned regarding the moving costs which majorly include the price of hiring the best packers and movers in Bangalore. But you need to understand that money matters do not end with you moving to a new place. But you also have to think of survival in a new place during the initial days.

So, when you are shifting to a different city or state, you need to be financially ready to face the unplanned hurdles during and after the moving transition. And especially if you have money constraints, and you are moving without a job in hand, things may turn out to be more complex.

If you can relate to it, here is a post that you must read as it will help you to financially prepare when moving to a new city or state.

Continuous money issues can take away your peace. But if, you are moving to a new place is vital, that you prepare yourself financially.

Ways to financially prepare before you relocate to a new place:

Understand the cost of living

 If you wish to get yourself prepared before actually relocating, you have to have a good idea about the cost of living in the new city where you are planning to move. Housing usually becomes the greatest recurring monthly expenditure. So, the best that you can do is to research well whether to buy a home or rent it. Whichever sounds better as per your research and financial situation, you can opt accordingly.

Related to the other expenses that you may have to bear after the move, it will be wise of you to get a clear idea regarding the tax situation there. To be more precise, research the income taxes, property tax, or any other local tax cases that you may have to bear. The more you are aware of the details you will be able to prepare yourself financially for the move.

Create your own budget

It is very essential that you frame a proper budget before relocation. And, for that, besides learning about the cost of living in the new place, you will also have to know about the overall cost related to your move that you have to bear.

Well, it is not possible to know about the exact expenses from the beginning, but if you do your research on the standard market prices like that of professional moving services and all, then you can plan for the moving expenses.

The thing is you require having enough money to survive during the initial days in the new location. So planning your moving expenses in advance and preparing an expense budget for the early days is extremely essential.

Look for a job

If you are shifting to a new place for a new job, then it is fine if you do not have a job at hand, and you are shifting with the hope of finding a job, then you need to have enough savings to live during the initial days or till the time you manage to get a job with a good salary.

Now, let’s accept it, moving to a different place without a job is tough. And so, it will be good if you find a job before shifting. But, if it is not possible, at least research about the available job opportunities there and apply for the jobs, give interviews if possible through video calls, and then move.

Update your credit bills

Most of the owners/landlords check your credit score to see how much reliable you are. Now, you will obviously not need a spotless credit score to get an apartment but it will definitely help you remain ahead of the rest.

If you do not have a good credit score, then the simplest way to get it done is by using a rewards credit score or if you have not built anything yet, then the simplest way to get it done is by using a rewards credit card for main expenses. You just need to be sure that you pay the statement balance in full before the due date in order to prevent interest fees while contributing to your payment history positively.

Review your insurance needs

A change in location can have an immense impact on your insurance needs, employer life insurance does not stay if you are leaving your present company and shifting to some other place without a job. So, it is a good thing to consider an individual policy to make sure that you and your family are covered against the worst situation.

Update your bills

It is very rare to find a home that involves WI-FI. In many cases, you will have to take care of internet, cable, and other specific charges. So, it will be a good thing if you make a list of things that are important and keep it in your budget. This will act as a reminder that you will have to cancel the current services and make arrangements after moving to your new house.

The last words: Relocating to a new place has endless challenges and getting finances correct is definitely one thing. After all, there are so many expenses you will have to bear when relocating, beginning from the fee of the moving company to packing costs to other relocation costs to the expenses that you will have to bear in the new city after the movement, So, yes there are certain financial departments that you require to handle and so, for that, extensive research on the general moving costs and possible expenses in the new place is something you must do. Then accordingly, you must prepare your budget and try to as much extra savings as possible.

Then, apart from these, finding a job, having good credit scores, reviewing your insurance needs, etc. will be good enough for you to financially prepare yourself before the move. The point is to be ready to face any monetary issues, before during, and after the relocation. This way you will be able to manage things and hire the most reliable movers and packers in Bangalore to make the process smoother.

Tips for Packing Bedroom for The Moving Day

Relocating to a new place comes with a lot of things to do. There are numerous tasks that you have to handle. And, the most important and difficult one is to pack your entire home. But, there are a few areas in your house that are difficult to manage and one such area is your bedroom. 

If you are residing in Bangalore and moving to a new location within the city, then you can look out for the best packers and movers in Bangalore, who can deal with your packing and moving tasks. As home relocation is extremely difficult to handle on your own, you must take the assistance of the experts. 

If you need to handle the bedroom on your own and you don’t know how to start the same, then you can read the following tips. 

Tip 1: Declutter your bedroom first

Packing the entire bedroom is a huge task to undertake. This needs extreme care and attention at every step. First, you must start with the removal of all the non-essential items and decide what to do with them. You can throw away the things that you have not used for the past year. Items that are in good condition but you don’t want to use them in the future can be sold out or donated. Just pack the things that you want to take along with you. You don’t have to increase the burden of the items by packing up everything. Take your time to declutter your wardrobe and other areas of the bedroom. Donate or sell out your old clothes, throw away the broken hangers, etc. This will make your packing and moving of the bedroom a simple process. 

Tip 2: Gather all the packing supplies 

You must gather all the supplies before starting to pack your belongings. After the process of decluttering, you must make sure that you have gathered all types of packing materials needed to safely pack your belongings. The list includes bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch wrap, markers, packing tape, corrugated boxes, garbage bags, mattress covers, furniture blankets, and more. Make sure to grab only good durable quality materials and ensure to provide excellent protection to the items. You can also arrange free boxes from retail or departmental stores if you have time. 

Tip 3: Start the packing process 

You can start packing your things in different boxes after arranging all the supplies that are needed. Pack the unused items first and then move on to the ones that you daily use. Make sure to keep the regularly used items to be packed at last. It is important to create an inventory of the items so that you can cross-check everything when they are loaded. Also, it will help in getting a proper estimate from the moving company. After packing your items inside the boxes, make sure to clearly mention the room to which the contents belong. 

Tip 4: Pack an essentials bag

You must pack an essentials bag in which you will keep all the belongings that you use daily. Make sure to keep this bag along with you and not with the moving team. This bag will contain the items that you would need during the 24 to 48 hours of the move. Usually, this bag includes toiletries, medicines, documents, clothes for change, chargers, electronic devices, snacks, water, and more. 

Tip 5: Accessories

You must have a lot of precious accessories like jewelry and other items at your end. Make sure to keep them in a separate box and pack it carefully. You must keep this box along with you and don’t hand it over to the moving team. Always remember to not move your valuable items with the movers as there are maximum chance of getting them damaged or misplaced during the move. Make use of craft storage containers for storing all these accessories. You must pack your shoes and hats in their original boxes if you still have them. If you don’t, then pack them on paper and tape them together. 

Tip 6: Wardrobe and closet

There must be a lot of items that are still unused in your wardrobe. You must make sure to clean the closet properly before packing your belongings. Get all the non-essential items removed from the closet and make sure that every item you pack is properly cleaned. Do not keep your clothes for laundry and such clothes will get damaged during the shifting. You can make use of the wardrobe hanger for keeping the clothes in the same condition. This is the easiest way of unpacking your stuff. 


Packing your bedroom is quite difficult to handle. But, with the help of these above-mentioned tips, you will be able to pack the entire bedroom with ease. Make sure to carefully pack everything before the arrival of movers and packers in Bangalore arrive at your home. 

Apr 16, 2024

Professional Guidance: How to Prepare for a Successful Relocation

Relocation is one of the daunting task. You can consider planning the shifting with experts to make your move successful. In order to achieve your move goals, you can consult with movers’ experts to make your move plan. The Packers and Movers Chennai offers variety of relocation services to customize your relocation services for resettlement at desired location. 

This blog highlights the effective strategies to fulfill your move goals. You can consider planning your move with these tips to make hassle- free relocation. Planning in advance can resolve many problems. Considering multiple task in one go can only be managed with proper planning. 

Top Tips for Seamless Move

(i) Observe Facilities at New House: Inspect all the rooms present in the house, you are searching for. Check the fixtures, installed tools and other facility available at the new house. Examine kitchen, rooms, washroom and balcony closely and also for the connected water pipes with the wall to place appliances and electronics accordingly. 

(ii) Explore Nearby Places: You should check whether the hospital, clinic, mart, public transport, restaurants and several other things must be within the range of five kilometer. Check for the chemist shop, repairing shops, junk collector location and several other common facilities to manage work- life balance at new place. You should also check for the route to reach office. 

(iii) Take Opinion with Your Family Member:  You can discuss things with family members about relocation preparations to make. Select the final day to make move. Plan and schedule your days to commit to relocation responsibilities to complete before the final day to make move. Allocate different set of task to each family members to complete it before the move and make arrangement accordingly. 

(iv) List all the Items to Carry: The movers’ professional will provide you inventory list although; you need to make your own for your move purpose. You can figure out the durable goods, soft- furnishing items, electronics, appliances, gadgets and clothes to organize to help packers to pack your goods efficiently and label them to identify to unpack at new place. 

(a) Durable Goods: The furniture, appliances, electronics, and other durable goods can be listed and cleaned to help packers to dearrange while packing  and arrange them in order for unpacking. Take note of goods to repair before the move to complete all these tasks to complete other relocation preparations. 

(b) Cleaning Essentials: Your kitchen cleaning tools and essentials must be kept separately from other cleaning tools and objects. You should also clean them to utilize only a few for relocation preparations. You should also keep unused cleaning essentials in specific box or containers. 

(c) Fabrics: The clothes and soft- furnishing items must be organized. You need to wash and dry your clothes and iron all these to utilize daily wear and keep other clothes to pack and deliver. You should also separate the clothes to pack for travel purpose to reach to new place for your domestic move. 

(d) Sharp Tools: There might be restriction carrying sharp tools. You should consult with movers’ professional to pack and sent your goods to the destination. 

(v) Clean and DE clutter: Clean each corner of your house. Use insect repellant, insecticides and other cleaning essentials to clean your household and house space. Check for empty old bottles, due date of groceries items, make-up and self- care kit and other things to donate, discard, exchange, sell and  repair. Schedule selling or completing these tasks according to remaining days at present house. 

(vi) Organize Household by Room:  The clothes to wear, uniform, party wear, novelty items and soft furnishing items must be categorized to keep them organized. You should arrange the decorative items, documents, cleaning essentials separately of each compartments of house. Secure loose items in air- tight container, zip-lock bags and portable heat sealer to seal the packets. 

(a) Kitchen: You should consider DIY methods to improve the shelf- life of your groceries items and arrange them in order to keep it organized to only pack for transit purpose. 

(b) Rooms: You should purchase the containers to keep your jewelry, organize other household items to vacate the storages to dismantle and pack for transit purpose. 

(vii) Hire Relocation Experts:  Whether you are booking relocation services for your domestic or local shifting. You should consult with professional relocation experts. You intend to receive your expensive household safe and intact can be fulfilled by relocation experts. They provide full- fledged relocation and resettlement services for your move. From packing to unpacking, the entire task is managed by packers and movers.

(a) Get Quality services: You should check for the service available for your move purpose. The quality and reliable services offered by relocation service provider. The process to complete the process must also be judged to book the services. Packing, labeling, loading, transit, unloading and unpacking are some of the common process to complete for relocation purpose. 

(b) Customized Solutions: Pet, plant and vehicle relocation services are also there that you might need for your move purpose. Check for this facility and availability of slot to take these services for your move purpose. 

(c) Budget- friendly Price: You should book an appointment for on-site evaluation for your pre-move estimate to finalize the services. Check whether the pre- move estimate is suitable for your move budget. 

(viii) Collect Packing Essentials:  You have to purchase some of the packing materials for organizing your household. Bags of different sets, zip- lock bags, self-care kit, and first-aid and make-up kit boxes must be organized. This can help you arrange and organize your entire household.


Relocation planning is well managed by the movers professionals to securely delivering goods to the destination. You can consider planning the shifting with renowned movers and packers to streamline your move process and achieve your relocation and resettlement goals.