Nov 18, 2021

6 Excellent Home-Cleaning Tips for Your Next Relocation!

 Everybody loves residing in clean spaces and with minimal stuff. While one cannot help themselves with the latter for their purchasing habits, the former one can be efficiently taken care of with a few simple steps! Suppose you recently fulfilled a move from Sambalpur to Mangalore, with the packers and movers in Sambalpur and now you are staying in a pool of packed cartons because only the essential boxes were unpacked. So, before you commence with the unpacking of the rest of the packages, you should do some cleaning and planning!

Here, we are talking about how you can clean up your home, if you have recently shifted to a new place. Well, all these are basic steps that you can follow for a clean and comfortable moving experience.

1.    Prepare how and when to clean – Some people prefer stepping into clean homes and for that reason, they make multiple visits to their newly bought property, before they finally move in there with belongings. These earlier stopovers are to take care of the pre-moving cleaning and maintenance tasks. In some cases, when customers move into homes that previously saw tenants, the amount of cleaning and upkeep becomes more crucial. So, depending on the one that addresses your situation, you should do the needful pre-move cleaning, so that you can move into a spring-clean space the next time your move in permanently.

2.    Carry out the cleaning properly – Inform the landlord of your new home about the day and time you will be visiting the new house. Keep a checklist with you for the tasks you want to accomplish for the house – for instance, the supplies you will take along with you for the initial cleaning, and keep the pointers ready for the pre-move inspection you will run at that point. There are a few important things you should be doing – thoroughly clean your new house using the cleaners and other supplies you have brought with you. Keep the mop, broom, and vacuum cleaner with you because you will essentially need these three for the process.

3.    Skip the hassle by hiring experts – If you cannot manage all the above due to lack of time and countless other pre-moving responsibilities, it is better to hire cleaning and maintenance experts. Also, moving from your current home to your new place shall not be a hassle-free event for the distance of course, so it will be good if you have the professionals booked for the day when you will step into your new home. But if you want to do that yourself, you will have to manage everything on your end – from calling your landlord to planning for your halt, and your accommodation for the day.

4.    Take a cue from these cleaning tips – The first time you do a clean-up of your new home, you will be done with the big cleaning that is usually conducted after a move. So, that way, you will be at ease because no post-move cleaning would be required. But here are a few things that you can consider for the day you finally move into your new home – Wipe off the dirt and dust over the floors, window panes, and other spaces that you have. The kitchen is one such space that would require another round of quick cleaning before you start arranging the kitchen supplies and food items. The same goes with your washroom, which would also call for a clean-up before you make it functional.

5.    Clean and prepare for appliance installation – There are several appliances that you would be required to prepare and install in your new home after you have moved. And the most important one out of those appliances is the refrigerator. But before you install that and other appliances in their designated place, make sure the area is clean and is perfectly taking up the object. The appliance should also be wiped with a clean cloth after it is unpacked because the packing leaves marks and impressions on the object at times, so make sure you take note of that and get them installed in their right places. If the experts are doing it, just keep the floor blueprint handy so you can monitor the process.

6.    Focus on cleaning the rooms before getting started – You have moved into your new home and all your belongings have reached you intact. Though you have run the first round of cleaning before moving into the place, a significant amount of deep cleaning would be needed now when you will arrange your goods in your rooms. Pick up any room or clean up all the rooms simultaneously, whichever you are comfortable with, and start:

•    Pay attention to important places like the bathroom. Bring out the cleaning products and disinfectants and give a thorough wash to the basins, toilet area, taps, and knobs.

•    Clean the falls, add air freshener, put up the towels, shower curtains, and arrange the bathroom essentials in their place. Your washroom should be the first one to be turned functional.

•    The bedrooms should be the next place you should prepare. Before you take out the bedding materials and get ready to set up your room, you should see if it is hygienic. The walls and windows, doors, and switchboards should be disinfected.

•    Remember your house saw potential buyers until the previous month, and there must have been the reiteration of people coming over and inspecting the place, so do not withhold from cleaning it well. Perform all these clean-up tasks after the experts from Agarwal Packers in Sambalpur have left!

•    Similarly, you should then move on to setting up your kitchen because you will have to prepare your meals. Any other space – like your living room, the kids’ room, the garage, and storage areas in your new home should also be unsoiled gradually so you get spotless, happy vibes from your new home sooner!


Closing Note
Remember, most of the time, the cleanliness aspect is overlooked because we end up prioritizing packing and moving preparations, way too much. But cleaning up is extremely important and that is not just for a wonderful post-move experience but comfortable pre-move time too. Moreover, it is something that should be taken note of at all times, irrespective of the situation and time. So, always prioritize that in your life.

Sep 28, 2021

Key Things to Take Note of When You Are Moving in Peak Seasons

 Does the thought of seasons come to your mind when you are shifting homes? For instance, the hassles that comes along when you move in certain seasons like the peak summers or chilling winters? If it does, then make sure you take note of the tips that we are sharing below, for each of the seasons. Here, we will talk about how every season has a counter effect and influence on your relocation and how, by hiring the experts from Agarwal Packers and considering a few ideas, you can enjoy comfortable moves in every season.

So, let’s begin:

Season One – Moving in terrible “summers”

•    Summers is the month when no one really loves to get into excruciating jobs involving a lot of hassle and effort. But when you have a house move already scheduled in those peak summer months, you cannot do anything rather than dealing with it. If you think summertime moves are only going to be chaotic, then you are wrong. With the right kind of packing and preparation, you can dive through the moving journey pretty much easily.
•    There are a few things to consider on a serious note – the bothersome weather that takes the energy out of you and leaves you lethargic. Plus, since summers are one of the busiest seasons, finding and booking an ideal moving deal could get challenging. Although there are multiple options when it comes to selecting a deal, then the price you have to pay for hiring moving professionals is on the higher side. Also, with nearly all your family members around, especially the young ones, preparing for a summertime move gets easy. All you have to take care of is your moving budget and your health. Look after your sleep and meals to keep well.

Season Two – Moving in bone-chilling “winters”

•    Nobody really loves relocating during the winters. The reasons for that are quite obvious. The weather is not favorable and remains a major drawback in terms of health hazards. On the other hand, the routes and timings also do not seem to help you out either because the days are shorter because the dusk takes place pretty much early making it impossible to carry out the move throughout the day. You have to start with your move much early so a significant section of your journey gets fulfilled in the first half of the day.
•    If you are moving in the extreme winters, you have to opt for specialized moving services that can take care of your belongings amply, without compromising at all. Expect disturbances and hurdles along the way because the winters can even surprise us with abrupt snowfalls, extreme drops in temperatures, and uncomfortable surroundings. So, keeping in mind all of this, one should move ahead and hire experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers that can provide you with a comfortable moving experience.

Season Three – Moving in the breezy and bright “autumn”

•    We would say, if you are planning to shift homes in the autumn season, then you can enjoy your moving journey to quite an extent because the fall season is usually when people enjoy a good vacation, especially children. The best thing about moving in the fall season (that is in the months of September to December), is that the cost of hiring movers remains affordable. Since the number of relocations happening during this season is limited, the rates are pocket-friendly.
•    While for some people, the autumn season may not be that well because the school and colleges conduct their terminal examinations and classes take place actively, meaning you cannot afford to let your children undergo a long break solely due to your home-shifting job. Along with that, there is always a probability of surprising showers. So, you need to communicate with your moving professionals well in advance so that they can take care of the needful preparations efficiently. Keep extra finances with you just in case the weather calls for some urgency and you face a cash shortage.

Season Four – Shifting in the delightful “spring”

•    For those who love the memorable springtime weather that takes over the country during the months of March, April, and May, then the information we are sharing with you is going to be worth reading. Nearly all of us find relief and relaxation in the spring months because the climate is such that you feel like getting out there and experiencing nature in the best way. After all, the air looks fresh, and the greenery around makes way for picturesque beauty.
•    All in all, the springtime is the best time to plan a house move. The winter chills are foregone and the exhausting summers are yet to knock doors. So, if you are shifting homes in this favorable season, then be prepared to experience joy. Plus, there is comparatively less rush around and even the availability of movers is not even a task. You can even get your hands upon a great moving plan if you research a bit. And when the move happens within budget, the entire relocation event turns out to be extraordinary special.

Season Five – Relocating in the drenching “Monsoons”

•    If you are relocating in the monsoons, there is a different kind of packing and preparation you need to work out. The first thing is looking for proficient packers and movers that will offer you their range of dedicated monsoon moving services. Next is keeping yourself updated on the climate changes happening around you so that you remain prepared for the moving day. Monsoon moves often come with added hassle because of the continual showers and weather change and all of this, even leads to traffic and route disturbances.

•    In addition to the things we mentioned above, there are some more things to look after. They are - the waterproof packing and well-shielded moving containers you will need, the full-coverage moving insurance that will safeguard your belongings in the drastic rains and excellent planning that will keep everything aligned and working. If you are someone who cannot avoid the forthcoming monsoon move, simply hire the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers and keep a workable moving plan in mind so that the transition happens comfortably.

Packers and Movers Sambalpur

If you are relocating in any of these seasons are a bit worried about the safety and how everything will be taken care of, just refer the ideas shared above and enjoy!

Sep 21, 2021

8 Incredible Packing Tips to Relocate Easily and Quickly!

 Who loves delays and damages during relocations? Well, nobody! That is why, whenever we plan moves, we keep looking out for the best kind of packing assistance we can get for our moving project! We research the best moving companies, discover the best packing hacks and do everything that is required. If you’re someone moving from Hyderabad to Delhi, with the packers and movers in Hyderabad, then you should not entirely rely on their services but do the needful preparations on your own, so there remains no scope of your move falling flat!

Because the truth is, hiring moving specialists is not enough. You have to invest in the right kind of packing supplies, get the right kind of moving boxes, book movers for their dedicated, specialized moving solutions for your massive range of goods, rent an ideal size of moving vehicle or moving container, and this list of must-haves is going to get long and long.
So, we decided to make it easier for you. Easier in terms of the packing tips and guidelines, because that is what we are going to talk about in this blog post. We’re sure; going through this informative post is going to be worthwhile and interesting!

•    Pack your belongings with safety

First and foremost, you should start packing your expensive and delicate articles – something you cannot afford to let go of, no matter what the circumstances are. Whether it is your jewelry, household accessories like d├ęcor items, antiques, memorabilia, etc., or sensitive items like the chinaware or the crystal items you have. Each of these should be packed with ample protection using bubble wraps, fabric sheets, and soft linen material and placed within sturdy boxes of ideal size. You can get boxes or bags of different types from the market and even purchase from your moving company, whichever seems ideal to you.

•    Collect durable boxes and cartons

As mentioned in the first point, half of your moving hassle will vanish if you invest in the right kind of packing materials, especially the moving boxes. If you are buying them on your own, make sure you research these things in advance so you are not fooled by the shopkeeper in exchange for money. Talk to your moving team, friends who think can guide you in this aspect. Double-check the quality of cartons and be informed of the kind of moving boxes that are there and the ones you must get for your goods.

•    Protect your glassware collection

Once you have bought the packing essentials, we would advise you to start with the fragile items in your collection, this time. Whether it is the mug set you received as a gift, the pint glass collection that comes to vision during parties and function, the paintings and pictures that are pure glass items, etc. should be cushioned properly using bubble wraps, packing peanuts, packing paper, old clothes, moving blankets, etc.

Also get permanent markers, packing tape, and scissors to accomplish the packing-related tasks. Since fragile goods should be marked distinctly, keep labels in different colours so you can use them to easily identify specialty boxes.

•    Keep electronics for the experts

Handling electronic items can be a tricky job, so make sure you do not waste your time tackling those on your own. Just clean and prepare them to be dealt with by the experts. The moving team you will hire will bring in the required packing tools that will take care of your electronic items sufficiently and in no time. You can simply click pictures of their back panels, and keep the nitty-gritty with you safely, so you can reinstall your appliances without any struggle.

•    Furniture must be packed wisely

Furniture items are not just heavy but require tremendous efforts to be packed. So, before you even think of packing them for the move, you should clean them and try to reduce their count. On assessing each of your furniture articles, you may find a few of them not even being used, some of them could have even turned obsolete – all these furniture should not be prepared for the move. Just let them go either over a yard sale or simply donate them. Furniture often adds up to your moving weight and this can be a big mess because the higher the moving load is, the higher would be the moving expenses. So, pack only those fixtures that you think you will need.

•    Opt for special boxes for clothes

Today, there are countless innovative ways to pack your delicate clothing. There are wardrobe boxes, garment bags, cardboard packaging boxes, and simply storage boxes that let you pack both for move and storage purposes. Whichever you choose for your clothing collection, make sure you utilize all the space-saving techniques and instead of folding them one by one, roll them into tube-looking structures and stack them evenly within the box. This method will save you both time and from hassle.

•    Plan moving expenses in advance

You should have a separate list of expenses noted down properly as you will be incurring that over the transit course. Try not to add up your costs for the sake of it. Focus on minimizing your expenditures because relocations are already an expensive affair and not planning your budget call eventually calls for more problems.

•    Double-check every moving box

The moving team will look after everything before they move your boxes into the truck, but you should also supervise the process diligently. See if the cartons are labeled on all the sides, if the taping is intact, the bottom and top flaps are secured amply especially are protected well in plastic wraps. Keep your inventory handy so that every single carton that goes into the moving truck gets ticked off in your inventory. By the time, the last carton gets loaded; you would have marked all the items from your checklist.

Did you find these tips useful enough to be shared again? If you did, then make sure you note them down in your planner or save them on your phone. But, do not miss out to book the movers and packers in Hyderabad, for the job because relocations are better with professional movers!

Sep 4, 2021

Hacks to Find Out Eminent Packers and Movers for Your Move

 At whatever point you are moving your whole family or business foundation to another location in a similar city or in another city you need to hire the packing and moving company for your relocation.  An expert movers and packer’s organization would assist you with packing and moving of every one of your assets beginning from your bed and PC to microwave and ceramics in the most secure conceivable way. Enrolling the assistance of a trusted moving company like Agarwal Packers and Movers would guarantee that the exhausting system of migration goes in the smoothest conceivable way. Proficient moving companies are not just found in the metropolitan urban areas like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Mumbai yet additionally in numerous humble communities all around the country. So at whatever point you are migrating your home or business, make a point to contact the best packers and movers organization in your territory. Here, we are discussing few points one should keep in mind while hiring the moving companies. 

Tips to Eminent Packers and Movers for Your Move

Packers and movers in India don't accompany regulatory bodies which is the reason this industry is somewhat disrupted. However there are a lot of packing and moving companies all around the country, a considerable lot of them don't accompany appropriate office or enrollment. This is the reason you need to do an exhaustive individual verification of the organization before you depend them with you valuable things. Preferably you need to pick an organization which has prepared group individuals and every one of the vital assets needed for legitimate treatment of the tasks.

Never choose and recruit a packing and moving company haphazardly. The foremost thing you need to do prior to recruiting a packers and movers is discover which organization is the most prominent. In most of the cases, you are paying special mind to the most extreme wellbeing of your loved belongings the, at that point to do somewhat truth finding prior to settling on the packing and moving organization.

Numerous packing and moving companies will in general charge a higher rate. Since the charge for the most part relies upon the idea of the task, there is nothing of the sort as fixed charge in the pressing and moving industry. The measure of cash you are needed to spend would rely upon the quantity of things, the distance to be covered and so forth This is the reason you need to contact a couple of organizations, get their statements and afterward settle on the most savvy one.

If that you are arranging a significant distance movement, try to get a protection for the things which are truly important.

Migrating to another home or office is a somewhat monotonous and rushed interaction for you to deal with alone. For simple and safe movement you would need to go through various stages like cautious packing, loading, shipping, dumping, moving and parcels more. In a perfect world, you need to design your migration something like one month before the moving day. Rather than enrolling the assistance of your companions and neighbors you need to employ the expert service of the best packers and movers in your territory. Your moving can be a truly pleasurable encounter when it is done under the oversight of a group of master packers and movers. Allow us presently to investigate the different benefit of employing a packing and moving organization.

Integrated Solution for Disorganized Relocation Industry

As you most likely are aware getting tracking down the best packing and moving company for your particular need is very troublesome. How we do it is essentially founded on evident inspiration to advance the great packers and movers from wherever in India, so individuals would have right choices. So one had not to stress over the nature of the service and can pick the best for them no doubt. Our robotized framework makes the cycle very quick as on a normal it requires just 15 minutes to book Agarwal Packers. When asking quote just from "Guarantee Shift", you don't need to stress over getting inordinate calls from many moving companies.

In the event that you have any past terrible experience or thought of something incorrectly could occur, we guarantee you to best moving services who could give what you need, and how you need.

Aug 30, 2021

Personalize your Checklist with these 10 Amazing Moving Tips!

 Are you thinking of a job change? Planning a quick move from Nasik to Navi Mumbai, following a great job opportunity? Well, in that case, you must be all sorted and ready because that’s not much distance and if you hire the proficient packers and movers in Nasik immediately, this urgent move can also be managed very well. Also, you might already be aware of everything that a successful move takes – well, it’s not much – but only some time and attention, a fantastic plan, an ideal moving budget, and some brilliant relocation hacks to keep the whole journey in sync.

In this article, we will only be talking about how taking care of a few wonderful packing and moving hacks can reduce your moving stress and let you sink into the happy feeling of a house move pretty much easily!

•    Hire moving professionals

To enjoy a streamlined moving experience, you must hire professional movers with good research and comparison. You can make use of the online cost calculators to figure out the net moving cost you will be paying for the move. Although your moving distance is not much, you can be pretty much comfortable with your determined budget. To make sure you land upon a sensible moving deal, you must collect multiple quotations, seek referrals, and then choose one.

•    Packing goods on your own

Your moving distance is not much, and if you want to make your move within budget, you can easily do without even booking the experts for the complete packing task. Though they would be there to guide you if you think you can manage your packing tasks alone, go ahead. Just leave aside the expensive and exquisite items for the professionals because they have all the ideal moving equipment and tools to amply safeguard your specialty items.

•    Settling in a rented studio flat

Since the move is planned in hurry, and you didn’t even get a chance to explore the new city, you can be in a big mess mentally. At least, one needs some sort of accommodation to fulfill the move. If you have not yet finalized your new home because that’s a time-consuming task and a hurried move does not provide you with ample scope to get a property in the new city, you have to settle down in a hotel and think of a way to upkeep your goods for the time being.

•    Enjoy a good time with family

Yours is a short distance move, and so, there is no need to fret over things unnecessarily. Take breaks, enjoy with family and listen to their moving qualms if there are any. Unless every member in your home is prepared for the move-out and wants to do that at their ease – for example, if your elderly parents are willing to move in with you only when the new house is finalized and ready, that would be good too.

•    Use personal items to pack

Rather than investing in too many expensive supplies, you can make use of their alternatives that are readily available in our homes. Towels, socks, linen, soft clothes, handkerchiefs, scarves, leggings, t-shirts, etc. can provide quality protection and ample insulation to your delicate items from external harm. Incorporating personal items like these can help you save sufficient money on your packing supplies and since you are moving locally, this can be a great way to take care of your budget!

•    De-clutter and sort deeply

We understand you are running short on time. The move was planned in a hurry and you cannot think of a way to manage your moving load in such a limited timeframe. But, make sure you do a quick review and inspection of everything that you have around – from your clothes, the furniture, appliances, etc. One good thing about your move is you are moving closer and so, you will have fair enough chances of visiting this place back again until all your goods have been dealt with.

•    Insulate all the fragile items

When you hire moving professionals, you can take a breather because they look after your goods and belongings sufficiently. Moreover, they have all the ideal packing materials and required moving equipment to make the loading-unloading tasks easier. But if you want to handle your delicate items on your own, use ample cushioning using high-quality packing materials, and do not forget to put them within durable moving boxes.

•    Manage finances on time

If you think you can manage your moving expenses pretty well because you are moving short distances only where everything would be within your budget and in your control, then let us make it a bit clear for you that relocations are full of unforeseen situations. Regardless of the distance, you are moving, you have to keep aside sufficient funds just in case you need some immediate cash along the way.

•    Fix move during the weekend

To have a comfortable move, you can schedule your move during the weekends. Everyone in your family would be available to help you out in the journey and with more hands at work; managing a move would be simple. Although moves happening during the weekend are a bit on the higher side when it comes to the expenses but since you will have a local move, you can choose to spend a bit more by choosing to move in the weekends.

•    Supervise unloading task

The unloading, just like the goods loading process has to be looked after carefully. See if you have received every carton in your new home and if any moving box is damaged or lost. Match the number of cartons delivered to you with the list of items in your moving inventory to spot changes. Settle the move by making the final payment to the movers and tips for their great moving assistance throughout!

Well, these were some of those most crucial moving tips that you can take into consideration so you can enjoy a good time shifting from Nasik to Navi Mumbai with the movers and packers in Nasik!

Aug 16, 2021

10 Excellent Moving Hacks You Must Check-Out Before Relocating!

 Everyone loves getting some worthwhile moving ideas and tricks before the move. Are you here for the same? Want to check out some amazing relocation hacks to simplify your forthcoming Ankleshwar to Aurangabad move? Well, then you must read this blog post and be informed of the best moving advice we have shared. But just make sure you have booked the packers and movers in Ankleshwar because they will further streamline your move until you reach the destination.

So, without further discussion, let’s get straight into the tips:

•    Protect all your teeny-tiny articles

It is easier to lose track of the extremely small, often unnoticeable items in our space when we are packing our goods. The keys, nuts, bolts, screws, and other small yet important hardware items that are often removed from the main appliance or device (all the fasteners) must be put in small, transparent plastic pouches so you do not lose them during the moving process. You will need all these items after your move so keep them carefully.

•    Invest in good-quality packing items

This is an invaluable hack and one must take care of the packing materials that shall be required for the packing task. Do not skimp on this because quality packing is synonymous with a safer moving experience. If you have time and can manage to gather the essential packing supplies like moving boxes, cardboard cartons, packing paper on your own, from nearby stationery or grocery store, you can easily get them in bulk, and that too at a decent rate.

•    Give some time to expensive articles

Like any regular household, you will also have a generous section of expensive objects that you hold close to your heart because they are dear to you for various reasons. Since all these specialty items require special care and protection during move, they must be packed finely. You can pack them yourself too; just make sure to incorporate the right handling technique and ample cushioning to the goods so it survives transit jerk, jolt, and damages.

•    Pack fragile, high-value stuff carefully

Pay special attention to the delicate items like artifacts, paintings, pictures, sculptures, glassware, crockery, and other fragile items in your collection so that they remain safe throughout the journey. If you want to pack them by yourself, you can do that. But, if you are not versed with the right packing technique and do not want to risk your belongings by mishandling them, let the moving experts handle the job. But ensure everything is safeguarded and packed properly.

•    Manage your load and travel sensibly

At times, we end up spending money on moving those goods that are not even worth shedding a penny on – for instance - the obsolete furniture and appliances, the worn-out bedding and comforters, the old, outdated clothes, the mismatched set of crockery set, etc. So, make sure you evaluate everything and inventory every single item that you are planning to move. De-clutter meticulously so that your moving cost remains on budget.

•    Make use of sealable, plastic pouches

You may or may not know but of all the packing materials, the transparent plastic bags available in distinct sizes are the most versatile packing supplies. You can use them to pack various items – from the risky toiletry bottles to the partially used spices and condiments, the medicines, miniature items from your space like nuts, bolts, screws, and washers, etc. The best part of using transparent pouches is that being see-through, you can easily figure out which pouch contains your bathroom essentials and which one has your medicines.

•    Do not waste time packing clothes

Have you ever thought of the creative ways of packing your clothing section? Or you wish to go by the traditional, long-drawn process of evacuating everything from the wardrobe, then segregating them as per seasons and usage, then separating them into the ‘to-be-donated’ or ‘to-be-disposed’ or ‘to-be-sold’ piles? Well, if you prefer going with the latter option, you must stop right there. That is going to take a lot of your time and energy. What you can do is pack the clothes just as they are – meaning you can use oversize apparel bags to just put the clothes in them but with their hangers-on. Or you can use a suitcase to drop your clothes in them but without removing the hangers so they remain in shape. Tuck the hangers with packaging tape so everything remains intact.

•    Take care of your children and pets

If you are a pet owner and parent to children too, you need to pay special attention to both of them. Though you will not notice any unusual behavior from either of them while you are busy with your packing and moving tasks, they will be dealing with a lot. Looking after your kids becomes all the more important if they are too small to even speak their hearts and mind. Pack medications, comforters, toys, and clothes, etc. for both your child and your beloved pet. Make sure to visit the vet at least once before you leave for the move.

•    Talk to retailers for your extra stuff

While the segregated stuff will now either move to the trash bin, the donation pile, or shall be sold, you need to be very clear with how you want to sell the items you have shortlisted for sale. Ideally, there are a few options and the most popular one is selling them off at a backyard sale, the other option is by selling them locally at some store or shop you know. You can discuss the rates that you will have for your belongings, and then proceed. Selling remains a favorable option because it not only lessens load but you get access to extra cash ahead of your move.

•    Inform a trash removal team on time

You might be running out of time already and with several piles kept for disposal, you might be thinking of ways to tackle them at the earliest. No need to worry because you can call up the waste disposal service authorities who will evacuate all the trash from your place and leave you with ample time to look over other pre-moving responsibilities.

We know you will find multiple useful hacks out of the 10 we shared above. Also, do not forget to book the movers and packers in Ankleshwar on time to enjoy a flawless home-shifting journey, without any glitches.

Aug 13, 2021

Most Popular Self Moving Blunders that Put You in Trouble While Relocating

 Moving is not an entertainment task. In fact it consumes your lot of time, energy and effort leading you towards stressful scenarios. As many of us think that moving with experts is really expensive owing to which you start yourself preparing for your move to save your few bucks. Do It Yourself Moving (DIY) looks great as it saves your packing, manpower cost, etc but it is not an easy task. It involves a lot of risks and challenges especially when you do not have prior experience. You can connect with Agarwal Packers and Movers that will definitely ease out your moving stress and you would feel energetic while moving. 

Be it intercity move or long distance, you will find juggling a lot of activities and will get utter confusion taking your stress level to its peak. There are several simple ways to get rid of problematic situations like you should make contact with moving companies, who will diligently plan your move in an efficient way.

If you are still desire to perform your moving task yourself, you should know about some most popular mistakes that are as follows:

1.       Procrastinating Till Last Moment

Postponing the moving activities is the biggest mistake we make as continuously delaying everything will completely end up in a chaotic situation. Leaving your packing task for the last day would result in the messy packing and may cost you high for bearing high moving expenses for taking the whole stuff with you.  You can avoid by following tips:

•         Initiate your move planning before 4 weeks of your moving date

•         Prepare an inventory for all the activities.

•         Predefine a guideline to finish every task.
2.       Not Decluttering Valuable goods

You might get allured by putting everything into the packing carton and moving them. This type of DIY move will keep you stressed at the time of sorting and organizing your goods at the new destination. Furthermore, you need to spend a lot of money to pay for moving things, which might end up throwing them away.  Before commencing packing, first of all sort out your entire household stuff and remove all the undesired and unused things. By this, you will definitely save a lot of time at the time of packing and rearranging as it would be much easier to arrange your new home. You should prepare the inventory of the goods you want to dispose of and keep them aside at a separate place.

3.       Forget Packing Essential Kit

Considering a lot of move activities, it is very tiring and stressful to unpack and arrange boxes for basic requirements. It is a very challenging task to spend initial days at your new destination. Pack all the important things that you require on the moving day and in the starting days at your new destination in a separate bag of boxes to avoid confusion.

•         Important Things: Wallets, laptop and other electronic charger

•         Basic kitchen and cleaning supplies

•         Packed snacks, food and necessary toys

•         Toiletries, waters, medications etc

•         Few set of clothes
4.       Overfilling Packing Boxes

Without the use of apt quantity and quality of packing supplies, you valuable possessions might get damaged during the transportation. All the household goods require different packing methods to retain their exclusivity. It is better to use most appropriate packing techniques and material as per the nature of goods so that they remain same till it reaches your new premises.

In this case, Professional Packers and Movers would be an ideal way to relocate your household stuff with quality and timeliness.

5.       Moving Cartons without Labeling

Sometimes you may forget to put labels on the packing cartons, which is considered as your biggest blunder. It will create a lot of confusion during the time of packing and organizing the goods at your new home. It is better to do proper labeling of the box so that it will be easy for you to rearrange your new home.

6.       By Not Making Your Refrigerator Ready for Move

You often forget to make your refrigerator prepared before the moving day. Moving a dirty and wet refrigerator may spoil other goods in the moving containers. You should follow below mentioned tspe prepare your refrigerator for moving:

•         Properly clean your refrigerator and separate all the shelves

•         Unplug and defrost your refrigerator before 48 hours

•         Wipe your water tray and keep the door open for getting it dry.

•         After drying it, pack every part in a rugged box.
7.       Not Booking Appropriate Moving Containers

Not finding out the right sized moving container may be a prime roadblock for relocations. Booking small trucks may require multiple trips to transport you goods and it will ultimately result in higher expenses. Also, if you block larger trucks, you have to pay for extra space, which is also money wastage. Book your containers after proper investigation of the volume of your goods.

8.       Loading Heavy Stuff Yourself

Despite knowing the apt way to lift the heavy goods, if you will start loading heavy furniture items yourself, you will end up damaging them and you may also get injured. If you have large goods then you should hire professional moving labour with the skills to load and unload your goods safely. They will make moving easier as they have years of practice in this field.

Opting Agarwal packers and movers is an ideal option to make your move stress free and reliable. To minimize your moving cost, you can do some activities yourself and then connect with professionals for moving tasks that are complicated and risky. You should hire the most reputed moving company for the safety and security of your hard earned possessions. APML is your right companion as they have years of experience in packing and moving goods of an infinite number of customers in a hassle free manner. So what are you waiting for, book your move now at their centralized number.

Have a happy and safe move!